Quality of Life Update

a man wearing a wetsuit carries a surfboard near the water on a beach

You may have noticed a delay in our planned (March) release of the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index and wondered what was going on. Fear not! We’re more excited about this initiative than ever. But we’re following some wise advice that suggested we slow down just long enough to lay the foundation for an even bigger impact over time.

In February, we gathered together 30 leaders from business, government, academia and the social sector to review our plans. They amplified our enthusiasm for the theory that a broader, more comprehensive measure of progress could leverage significant change for the province. And they said it was too important to risk being picked off by interests that may not yet be bought into the big picture of the initiative. . They counseled us to spend more time reaching out to potential users of the data, building a broad-base of participation and getting Nova Scotians on-side.

This June, working with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, we’ll release the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index report, highlighting 20 years of province-wide data in the eight key areas of quality of life. We’ll make sure the data is widely available, but the focus will be on starting a rich conversation about what quality of life means to us.

At the same time, we’ll highlight the formation of a cross-sector coalition of partners working to support the adoption of a quality of life framework and invite Nova Scotians to participate in making the 2019 Survey truly reflective of Nova Scotian values.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas and questions about this process. The more of us who have this under our wings, the more likely we are to soar.