Our New Look

It’s hard to get a website right. Even when people say it doesn’t matter that much, it does. It’s our face to the world. It drives understanding of our work. It influences funding and helps us deliver on our mandate.  

What’s NOT working is often quite clear. The pressure to solve a bunch of problems with a new site is intense. And ideas about how that should be done are as varied as the people you ask.

It’s a particular challenge when you are trying to reflect a rapidly evolving organization that people feel passionately about.

Nonetheless, it’s a job that needs to be tackled – fearlessly and with some regularity. If you’re reading this article, you’re seeing the results of our latest effort now on engagenovascotia.ca.

screenshot of the front page of our newly designed website

Here’s what we were aiming for: more energy, more clarity, more vision and easier navigation. Did we hit the mark? I encourage you to take a moment to look around and tell us what you think.

In particular, I draw your attention to our new Milestones section. It is an attempt to capture our evolution as an organization over the past 4+ years, and makes some of us slightly dizzy when we scan through it too quickly:).