Engage talks to Myrna Lewis

Photo of Myrna Lewis

Myrna Lewis is co-founder of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, she entered the corporate world as HR director in 1984. She then she has since been facilitating large-scale transformation processes within corporate, NGO and social activist organizations in South Africa and internationally. Myrna is recipient of a 2001 Ashoka Fellowship award, which supported her work with South African teachers and HIV/Aids counsellors. In 2012 Myrna became involved with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, which used Deep Democracy to involve citizens in major decisions through large-scale community dialogues. Myrna continues to travel the world to facilitate Deep Democracy training and processes.

Recently, Dan O’Rourke spoke to Myrna to learn more about Deep Democracy. Listen to the podcast below.