Engaged, vibrant communities retain and attract businesses, newcomers and youth.

Engage Nova Scotia works with partners to foster a culture of engagement and collaboration in communities across the province.

When we build capacity for public engagement, trust between citizens and local government improves.

Better engagement leads to better decisions, more buy in and more people stepping up to share responsibility and workload.

Here are examples of ways we partner to build capacity for public engagement and mobilize citizens.

1. Engagement Fundamentals Clinics

We work with groups of neighbouring municipalities to deliver regional clinics for elected officials and administrative staff. Themes for these clinics centre on:

  • Activating citizen voices beyond the vocal majority,
  • Collaboration vs. control in conversations between residents and government,
  • Engaging in the online commons – social media and other tools, and
  • Managing expectations and defining your promise.

2. Beyond Fundamentals Working Partnerships

With a solid foundation in place, communities are ready to go further. Engage works with municipalities and communities to co-lead cross-sector workshops focused on strategic planning and citizen mobilization.

These initiatives can form the foundation for a reinvented relationship between citizens and local leaders.

Working with our partners, we customize the approach for each community based on need.

Contact us directly for more information about the support available.