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St.F.X. Alumni Profiled

A handful of Engage’s past and present staff wear the fabled X Ring, presented annually to graduates of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. In their Winter 2017 Alumni News magazine, St. F.X. profiled alumni working at Engage and provide a glimpse at what motivates us in our work.


One Cape Breton

Engage was invited to work with Cape Breton’s municipal and First Nation’s leaders to envision a more united and collaborative future for the island. Our first meeting set the tone and direction for this new stream of work.


Working with Municipalities

Following Nova Scotia’s 2016 municipal elections there was a nearly 50% turnover of elected officials. This means that there are hundreds of councillors who are new to their role and responsible for managing local services, facilities, infrastructure and expectations. Fortunately there remains a lot of experience at the table along with a renewed sense of […]


Our New Look

We’ve redesigned our website! The new look and structure should make it easier for you to stay up to date with Engage Nova Scotia’s work and the efforts of Nova Scotians to create stronger, more inclusive and resilient communities.


Share Thanksgiving 2017

This year marked the forth Share Thanksgiving and it was a tremendous success. Pairing newcomers and international students with host families forged new friendships and demonstrated how each one of us can step up and do our part to create stronger communities.


The Way I See It

Our friend Dave Culligan has released his short film “The Way I See It”. We encourage you to watch this powerful reflection about personal growth, finding community, and his gratitude for the people and places that contribute to making this a wonderful province to live.


Moving Ahead on Quality of Life

Our work on a Quality of Life Index and Survey is shaping up to be one of the most exciting pieces of work Engage has embarked upon. Initial meetings with stakeholders inspired by how this data can be used to shift the conversation about our future went well.


Connecting for Change in Lochaber

In partnership with the Community Sector Council, Engage recently hosted cross-sector collaborators from across the province at a gathering focused on a shared narrative and peer-networking.


Municipal engagement tips

Strong communities are vibrant and engaged, with citizens coming together to inform decisions, address issues and create opportunities. But it can be challenging to create and maintain the conditions for this kind of public participation.


How do I stay?

On May 18 Engage attended an event Fusion hosted at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The group had invited a panel of three young Haligonians to share their thoughts on living, working and choosing to call the city their home.