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How do I stay?

On May 18 Engage attended an event Fusion hosted at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The group had invited a panel of three young Haligonians to share their thoughts on living, working and choosing to call the city their home.


Tatamagouche: Powered by the Wind

Residents of the fabled community of Tatamagouche used Community Economic Development Investment Funds to use wind energy for powering the whole community.


Guysborough’s Big Ride

When Rob Carver isn’t biking he’s busy coordinating an annual bike ride in the county of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, called the Lost Shores Gran Fondo.


Annapolis Royal’s Punching Far Above its Weight

More from Adele. Her town of Annapolis Royal is beautiful by traditional and historic standards. But there’s nothing traditional or historic about the way the community operates or prioritizes their future.


AIRO is hitting the Mark in Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Investment in Rural Opportunities is a private company led by a visionary named Jane Nicholson. Together with her executive director, Adele MacDonald, she and AIRO are defining what it means to be an “entrevestor”.


Rebel Warden with a Cause

Timothy Habinski described himself as a long-haired hippy-type. While he may have cut his hair recently, his approach to leadership as Warden of the County of Annapolis would make any old hippy proud.

He’s a force.


Community Pride is Alive in Pictou, NS

Residents of Pictou County, NS came out March 1, 2017 for a unique event coordinated by the community group Pictou 2020. Pictou Discover curated 30 storytellers to share a 3-minute story of success from the area.


Engage talks to Myrna Lewis

Myrna Lewis is co-founder of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, she entered the corporate world as HR director in 1984.