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On the Connection Between Happiness and Wealth

Have you ever wondered about the correlation between happiness and wealth – as an individual, or even as a country? Globally, it turns out that there is a high correlation between them – higher GDP leads to greater happiness – but there’s a catch.


Antigonish Engagement Session 2

On April 12 close to 70 residents of the Town of Antigonish came out for the second in a series of two community conversations co-hosted by Engage and the Town to inform the development of their strategic plan.


How Do We Thrive?

In Nova Scotia we are all part of the problem. The good news? We each hold a piece of the solution.


Quality of Life Update

Where are we on Quality of Life? We’re more excited about this initiative than ever. But we’re following some wise advice that suggested we slow down just long enough to lay the foundation for an even bigger impact over time.


Get To Know Your Neighbours

The subjects of loneliness and isolation are increasingly finding their way into conversation about health. Earlier this year the UK appointed a Minister for Loneliness after research revealed that “more than nine million people in the country often or always feel lonely.”


Engage Antigonish

On January 31, the Town of Antigonish hosted the first of two community gatherings designed with the Engage Nova Scotia team to take the pulse of residents on the future they want. Close to 150 residents took part in the event.


St.F.X. Alumni Profiled

A handful of Engage’s past and present staff wear the fabled X Ring, presented annually to graduates of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. In their Winter 2017 Alumni News magazine, St. F.X. profiled alumni working at Engage and provide a glimpse at what motivates us in our work.


One Cape Breton

Engage was invited to work with Cape Breton’s municipal and First Nation’s leaders to envision a more united and collaborative future for the island. Our first meeting set the tone and direction for this new stream of work.


Working with Municipalities

Following Nova Scotia’s 2016 municipal elections there was a nearly 50% turnover of elected officials. This means that there are hundreds of councillors who are new to their role and responsible for managing local services, facilities, infrastructure and expectations. Fortunately there remains a lot of experience at the table along with a renewed sense of […]


Collaboration: The call of our time

Engage N.S. working to build connections, trust through public engagement Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump being elected. For many of us Canadians we remain as bewildered today as we did a year ago. It’s common for we Canadians to mock our American cousins — or 50 per cent of them — for […]