Our Aspirations

  • We shine a light on our opportunities, advantages and the hurdles in front of us.
  • We call for more Nova Scotians to step up to improve our quality of life and economic conditions.
  • We challenge and support Nova Scotians to be more collaborative, inclusive and adaptive to change.

Everything we do is in collaboration with partners from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, academia and communities.

People gathering at the Ideas Marketplace

We do this by:

  • Working with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing to introduce a more complete way to measure progress and encourage collaboration across sectors.
  • Building capacity – through practical clinics and workshops – for citizens and government to collaborate more closely, and with greater trust, on their shared goals.
  • Coordinating one of Canada’s leading experiences of welcoming newcomers to Canada through Share Thanksgiving.
  • Fostering a network of newly engaged change-makers in Nova Scotia.

People standing in a lush vineyard.

Our perspective:

  • Nova Scotia is facing unprecedented economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.
  • The responsibility to develop bold ideas and innovative solutions needs to be shared by everyone – especially citizens.
  • Through a fundamentally deeper and broader process of dialogue and collaboration – amongst government, business, institutions, the voluntary sector and engaged citizens – we can effectively tackle the challenges we face.
  • Most of what we need is already here in the communities, culture and people of Nova Scotia.

People sitting in a circle at a workshop.

Our principles:

  • We actively seek to include diverse voices – from all cultural communities, from all parts of the province and from as many perspectives as possible.
  • We operate in a collaborative, neutral and open space that no one individual or organization owns or controls.
  • We create just enough structure to support our activities while staying lean, nimble and transparent.
  • How we do things is as important as what we do.
  • We move forward in a spirit of responding to opportunities, supporting one another to take risks and learning as we go.